If you’re visiting this page, you probably have questions about how unionizing might impact your day-to-day responsibilities, benefits or growth plan at the company. 

We hear you. We are also the reporters, editors, designers, video journalists, animators, social media strategists, and editorial staff of NBC News Digital, not management.

The most important thing you need to know? Nothing is promised. Everything is up for negotiation. Everything. There are no guarantees. 

In an effort to try to make sure all sides are being heard, here are some concerns that have been raised: 


401(k) / employer match is technically up for negotiation
  • Average employer match is 4.7% per CNBC/Fidelity
  • NBCU currently offers a 6% match, higher than the national average
  • NBC Digital NewsGuild states: There is no Guild multi-employer 401k provider, so other newsrooms have either negotiated different providers, higher matches, or locked in the existing match and provider. 


Contrary to popular belief, there is no ability to opt out of dues. Even if you opt out of membership, you will be forced to pay a representation fee of 1.3846 percent of your base salary. Becoming a member gives you access to things like voting on board representation. If you choose to opt out, you will not be able to vote on any issues, but will still be forced to pay for representation, which is non-negotiable. 

Here’s a salary breakdown at the minimum 1.3846 percent: 
$40,000= $554
$50,000= $692
$60,000= $831
$70,000= $969
$80,000= $1,108
$90,000= $1,246
$100,000= $1,385


  • Merit raises can be the subject of bargaining. 
  • Per NBC News: 
    • Employees currently covered by Union contracts at NBC have not been a part of the company’s annual merit review process. 
    • Instead, there are typically fixed percentage increases that apply uniformly across the unit. 
    • Because these increases  are mandatory across the board, they can be less on average than under the merit plan, where the Company can make individual determinations about what percentage increase to apply based on performance. 


  • Asking for a promotion? The conversation is no longer just between you and your manager. To be considered, your manager, an HR representative and a union representative must all be present. 
  • Negotiation conversations will no longer happen directly with the company. Bargaining is at the liberty of that union representative (who may or may not be familiar with your work). 


  • Your title determines your pay scale.
  • Promotions/merit increases are now determined by the union. To get those, a 3rd party union member must be present.


  • Your official title might limit the work you can/cannot take on. For example, if you are an editor, you may only be able to edit. This could narrow your ability to work across teams. 


  • Objectives of union remain unclear. According to the guild, a bargaining committee will send out a survey to determine what they’re seeking — but goals won’t be established until after the vote.
  • Another thing to think about: asking the question “how”? Has someone promised you greater pay? Well, they can’t. Everything is up to negotiation. Literally everything. 


Per NBC News: 
  • It would be unlawful to have a rule that forces the company to hire someone based on a protected classification. 
  • Internally, we are fortunate to already have a team of experts that lead a robust Diversity & Inclusion initiative within NBCUniversal and NBC News, and we will continue to invest in this area.


Per NBC News: 
  • Union representation does not guarantee protection against a layoff.


All of the items listed below are up for negotiation. Unionizing cannot promise that any of your current benefits will stay the same. 

  • Crossover
  • Women wellness check
  • Therapy — 0$
  • Primary care
  • Physical medicine
  • Behavioral health
  • Health coaching 
  • Acupuncture
  • Optometry
  • Fertility treatments
  • Maternity/Paternity leave
  • 6th/7th day pay
  • Vacation time
  • Clocking in and out could be implemented 
  • Working from home policies may be adjusted based on clocking in/out policies

If you have questions, concerns or just want someone to talk to, email nonbcnewsguild@gmail.com